Fast Results

Its time to stop waiting months to see results. You can start seeing results with the PuraGlow Wand in just 1-2 weeks.

Red Light Technology

With our hight quality pore penetrating red light technology, your getting a spa grade facial anytime and anywhere you choose to use the PuraGlow Wand.

Say Bye Bye To Wrinkles

With PuraGlow's skin activating technology, you can say bye bye to wrinkles as watch as they melt away with a wave of the PuraWand

Crystal Clear Skin

Clear your skin in just weeks with a wave of the PuraWand. The PuraGlow can remove ANY acne you have.

What Is PuraGlow?

PuraGlow is the worlds first red light skincare wand that uses galvanic currents and red light therapy at special frequencies to eradicate wrinkles, blemishes, acne, and fine lines in just weeks without the use of harmful chemicals just like our all natural hair regrowth serum, Veganic Hair.


Science Backed

The PuraGlow uses red light technology to help clear out your skin in days. Originally invented by nasa for astronaghts in space to give them healthy light spectrums, we applied their technology into the Puraglow Wand at a specific freqency to deliver magic results on your skin. And this isnt just some bold claim with no proof, there have been several studies showing the effects and you can have a look at this popular study yourself

PuraGlow Wand
PuraGlow Wand
PuraGlow Wand
PuraGlow Wand
PuraGlow Wand
PuraGlow Wand
PuraGlow Wand
PuraGlow Wand
PuraGlow Wand
PuraGlow Wand

PuraGlow Wand


The Ultimate SkinCare Tool.

Sick of constantly trying new acne creams, wrinkle treatments and skincare routines with minimal results? Its ok, we've been there. The PuraGlow Wand is the worlds most effetcive skincare tool on the market, using red light therapy technology watch as your acne and wrinkles vanish with a wave of the wand. 




For best results, apply a few drops of any serum to enhance the results and enable it to glide easily.


Glide puraglow across your skin in with upward & outward movements. Use for 3 minutes per area of your skin for best results.


Apply your favorite moisturizer or cream generously over your face and neck area to lock in hydration.


what our customers say

Emily Johnson

I got the PuraWand 2 weeks ago and im sooo happy with my results. Its honestly been my favourite purchase of 2023

Jane Smith

I saw an ad for this on facebook and i thought id give it a shot and the results were so good. Ive been using it for about 6 weeks now and my acne is gone.

Karen Kim

I got this a birthday present from my bestie and the glow up has been crazy. Definitely reccomend.

Gemma Norman

I wasnt expecting much when i bought this but its helped me get rid of alot of my wrinkles

Tracey Mark

One of my favourite skincare tools i own. Ive tried alot of other skincare products but nothing has fixed my acne like Puraglow has.

Alaya Martin

My husband got me the Puraglow and its been super good for getting rid of my acne. Ive used it for about 3 weeks and im loving the results

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